Fun and Free Things to do in Helsinki

Included as one of nine European Cities of Culture in the millennium and Named World Design Capital in 2012, Helsinki is a destination flooded with history, fine cuisine and scenic countryside just minutes away. Tourists who visit Helsinki will gorge themselves on all Helsinki has to offer.

Experience Helsinki’s Cathedral and religious sites

Helsinki has three main religious sites, the most renowned being Helsinki’s Cathedral. Over 150 years old, the Cathedral is Finland’s most popular and photographed building. Other religious spots include Temppeliaukio, a stunning church carved into the rock. Temppeliaukio is perhaps the most visited church in Helsinki.

Discover Finnish Culture in Helsinki’s Museums

Visitors keen on learning about Finland’s culture may be delighted to know that many of Helsinki’s best museums give free admission on Fridays. These include the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Museum of Cultures.

Museum of Finnish Architecture: Offering free admission on every first Friday of the month, the Museum of Finnish Architecture holds regular exhibitions to suit all types of visitors.

Museum of Cultures: Giving visitors a perspective into multicultural Finland, Helsinki’s Museum of Cultures hosts various exhibitions which showcase alternative ways of reviewing the development of the world. A great museum, tourists definitely should not miss it! One of the best things to do in Helsinki.

Finland Lantern Festival

Originally a Chinese festival, the lantern festival occurs 15 days after Chinese New Year and celebrates the arrival of spring and light in Finland. A spectacular sight to see, the lantern festival is one of the best things to see and do in Helsinki.

Explore Helsinki Christmas Market

A picturesque Scandinavian city, Helsinki during Christmas is idyllic for many reasons. Not only does the snow set the Christmas scene perfectly, tourists can sometimes even see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis if conditions are sufficient. Helsinki’s main Christmas attraction however, is its infamous markets. Complete with arts and crafts, handmade clothing and other unique products.

Encounter 24hr sunlight

During summer, Finland reaches nearly 24 hours of sunlight. For many, this is a completely new revelation. Whilst not being a specific attraction, it can be quite incredible for tourists to experience 24 hours of sunlight.

Helsinki offers tourists a dynamic and exciting Scandinavian experience. Tourists can visit different religious sites, museums and seasonal markets. Not to mention appreciate Helsinki’s beautiful surroundings. A diverse destination, there are literally masses of things to do in Helsinki.

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