Fun and Free Things to do in the Falkland Islands

Looking for free things to do in the Falkland Islands? This tiny island territory off the coast of Argentina has been a part of the United Kingdom for well over a hundred years. The UK even went to war against Argentina to retain the islands in 1982. Things are much more peaceful these days, and for the traveler who wishes to cross some water to visit these quaint isles, here are 5 free things to do in the Falkland Islands

1. San Carlos Settlement

San Carlos (nicknamed Blue Beach) was the main bridgehead for the British army during the Falklands War. Remaining are the museum and Blue Beach Military Cemetery for those interested in the conflict’s history.

2. Christ Church Cathedral

The finest example of architecture in Falkland Islands
Image: spessertme via Flickr

Perhaps the finest example of architecture on the islands, Christ Church Cathedral in Stanley also serves as a reminder to the War that still defines the islands to this day. The church is home to some fine examples of stained glass as well as tributes to soldiers who had fallen in battle.

3. The Falklands War Memorial

The War Memorial in Stanley — fun free things to do in the Falkland Islands
Image: liamq via Flickr

During the Falklands War, the capital city of Stanley was occupied for ten weeks by Argentine troops. It’s not hard to imagine that this was a difficult time for a sleepy town of 2,000 residents who mostly consider themselves Brits. The town survived shelling by their British liberators, but the conflict will never be forgotten. The War Memorial in Stanley serves as an eternal reminder for townspeople and tourists alike.

4. New Island

One of the less solemn things to do in the Falkland Islands is a trip to New Islands. New Island is a scenic westerly island consisting of several nature reserves. It is a prime location to see wildlife and experience the serene natural beauty of the Falkland Isles. Some of the species here include dolphins, penguins, sea lions, and a wide variety of birds.

5. Volunteer Beach

Like penguins? Volunteer Beach is home to upwards of a thousand breeding pairs of king penguins A couple hours drive away from Stanley, Volunteer Beach is the best place to see those cute little flightless birds.

Thirty years removed from their bizarre and unexpected military conflict, the Falklands are a welcoming destination for tourists to enjoy wildlife, scenery, and a place where English is the main spoken language. If you think any of those things are up your alley, you’ll find no shortage of fun things to do in the Falkland Islands.

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